What radio station is rap songs?

Top 10 Hip Hop and R&B Radio Stations

  • WQHT-FM – New York, New York – 1,029,572.
  • WWPR-FM – New York, New York – 443,587.
  • KPWR-FM – Los Angeles, California – 327,064.
  • KBXX-FM – Houston, Texas – 182,190.
  • WHTA-FM – Atlanta, Georgia – 177,473.
  • WVEE-FM – Atlanta, Georgia – 165,884.
  • KYLD-FM – San Francisco, California – 110,862.

Is there a rap radio?

Hot 97. HOT 97 is the premier Hip Hop radio station in America.

What radio station plays hip hop near me?

Best hip hop radio stations in Los Angeles, CA

  • 93.5 KDAY. 6.8 mi. 46 reviews. Radio Stations.
  • 94.7 The WAVE / KTWV- FM. 1.8 mi. 125 reviews. Radio Stations.
  • 93.1 Jack FM. 3.2 mi. 37 reviews. Radio Stations.
  • 97.1 FM AMP Radio. 7.6 mi. 26 reviews. Radio Stations.
  • 104.3 FM. 6.4 mi. 18 reviews.
  • 102.7 KIIS- FM. 6.4 mi. 61 reviews.
  • 89.3 KPCC. 11.2 mi. 79 reviews.
  • 97.1 AMP RADIO. 3.2 mi. 12 reviews.
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How do rappers get their songs on the radio?

Getting Played On Radio When a program director and their staff chooses a song to play the song they will add it to their program playlist. But before they can play it they have to purchase a Performance Rights License from the publisher the artist is signed to.

What are the good radio stations?

Top 10 U.S. Radio Stations

  • WLTW-FM 106.7 Lite fm – New York – 5,013,600.
  • WHTZ-FM Z100 – New York – 4,388,300.
  • WKTU-FM 103.5 – New York – 4,136,500.
  • KIIS-FM 102.7 – Los Angeles – 4,117,600.
  • KBIG-FM 104.3 MYFM – Los Angeles – 4,057,200.
  • KOST-FM 103.5 – Los Angeles – 3,661,600.
  • WCBS-FM 101.1 – New York – 3,591,800.

What radio station is most popular?

Top 10 Radio Stations in the United States

  • WTOP. Washington’s Top News. Washington, D.C.
  • KIIS-FM. Los Angeles, California. Contemporary Hit Radio.
  • KBIG-FM. Los Angeles, California.
  • WLTW-FM. New York, New York.
  • WHTZ-FM. New York, New York.
  • WFAN-FM. New York, New York.
  • 1010 WINS. New York, New York.
  • WCBS-AM. New York, New York.

What radio frequency is radio1?


Radio 1 97-99 FM
Radio 2 88-91 FM
Radio 3 90-93 FM
Radio 4 92-95 FM, 103-105 FM (with local variations for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) For Long Wave and Medium Wave frequencies, see below.
Radio 5 Live 909/693 MW

What is hip hop radio?

Classic hip – hop is a music radio format focusing primarily on hip – hop music from the 1980s, 1990s, and the early to mid-2000s. After attracting a dramatic increase in ratings, Radio One began to emulate the station’s format and branding in other markets.

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What is Atlanta hip hop radio station?

A new hip – hop station is hitting metro Atlanta airwaves. According to Radio Insight, iHeartMedia (Nasdaq: IHRT) on Nov. 11 announced it will simulcast “The Beat,” an urban and hip – hop station also available on its website, on WRDG 96.7 in Peachtree City, Ga., and 92.3 in Marietta.

What radio station plays oldies in California?

We found 113 FM radio stations and 47 AM radio stations in the Los Angeles, CA area. Los Angeles, California Radio Stations.

Frequency 104.7 FM
Callsign KOCP
Format Rhythmic Oldies
Distance 44.2 miles
City of License Oxnard, CA


What is the KPOP radio station in California?

KMPC ( 1540 kHz, ” Radio Korea “, 라디오코리아) is a commercial AM radio station in Los Angeles, California. It is owned by P&Y Broadcasting Corporation. Radio Korea is a division of the Radio Korea Media Group. KMPC.

City Los Angeles, California
Broadcast area Greater Los Angeles
Frequency 1540 kHz
Branding Radio Korea


What is the hip hop station in California?

KDAY is the iconic Los Angeles radio station with roots as far back as the early 80’s when it was the first station in the world to ever play commercial hip – hop.

How do I submit my music to a radio station?

To get your song played on the radio, either you or your radio promotion company approaches program directors/ music directors at radio stations. You ‘ll then need to promote your song to them using a combination of press releases or one-sheets, phone calls, and faxes.

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Do rappers get paid for their songs on the radio?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, in most markets, both songwriters and recording artists are typically paid royalties any time their music is played on the radio. So, for the American-based music industry, only songwriters and their publishers (owners of the composition copyright) are paid performance royalties for airplay.

Which rappers are broke?

Several famous male rappers also went broke. MC Hammer filed for bankruptcy in 1996 when he was reportedly $13 million in debt.

  • Lauryn Hill. Photo: Daigo Oliva / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 2.0.
  • Nas.
  • Lil’ Kim.
  • Common.
  • Method Man.
  • Xzibit.
  • Lisa Lopes.
  • Fat Joe.
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