What FM station plays jazz?

List of jazz radio stations in the United States

Station Frequency Channel State
KRTU- FM 91.7 MHz Texas
KRWV-LP 99.3 MHz Arizona
KSBR 88.5 MHz California
KSDS 88.3 MHz California


What radio channel is the best?

Top 10 U.S. Radio Stations

  • KIIS- FM 102.7 – Los Angeles – 4,117,600.
  • KBIG- FM 104.3 MYFM – Los Angeles – 4,057,200.
  • KOST- FM 103.5 – Los Angeles – 3,661,600.
  • WCBS- FM 101.1 – New York – 3,591,800.
  • KRTH- FM K-EARTH 101 – Los Angeles – 3,071,200.
  • WBMP- FM 92.3 AMP Radio – New York – 3,000,500.
  • KAMP- FM 97.1 AMP Radio – Los Angeles – 2,965,100.

How can I listen to Jazz FM?

You can listen to live online radio from Jazz FM for free. Apps: we may also list official apps to help you tune in on Jazz FM’s page.

Are there any smooth jazz stations left?

Currently, the most prominent of the few remaining commercial (and independently programmed) smooth jazz stations are WSBZ “The Seabreeze” in Destin, Florida, and WEIB in Northampton, Massachusetts.

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Is there a smooth jazz radio station in Chicago?

Check us out at 90.9 FM, and now also at 90.7 FM in Chicago’s West Loop!

What is the most used radio station?

Washington D.C.-based WTOP-FM was the leading radio station in the United States in 2018, with estimated revenues of around 69 million U.S. dollars. WTOP has remained at the top of the list for four consecutive years and brings in around eight million dollars more than its nearest competitor: KIIS-FM.

Can I listen to FM radio online?

With an AM/ FM or HD Radio, you can listen to the radio even without an Internet connection. Online radio or web radio always requires a data connection for the transmission of the current radio program. The selection of programs is then limited to the radio stations in the respective broadcast area.

Who is the most successful radio personality?

Top 10 Radio Presenters of All Time

  1. Howard Stern. Whether or not you think he’s the best, there’s no arguing that Howard Stern is possibly the most iconic radio presenter to hail from the US.
  2. Rush Limbaugh.
  3. Ryan Seacrest.
  4. Sean Hannity.
  5. Glenn Beck.
  6. John Peel.
  7. Kenny Everett.
  8. Terry Wogan.

Whats happened to Jazz FM?

After 15 years the plug was finally pulled on what must be the only commercial FM radio station in the UK to survive for so long without making a profit. London’s 102.2 JAZZ FM closed down at midnight after many months of planning for a new service on the same frequency.

Why can’t I get Jazz FM on DAB?

After much speculation, Jazz FM has announced it will be removing itself from the national DAB platform Digital One later this month. Speaking to RadioToday, Jazz FM CEO Richard Wheatly said the station could potentially lose 150,000 from its record 700,000 listener base.

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What is Capital FM frequency?

Capital Xtra is available on FM in London on 96.9 and 107.1 MHz and nationally on the Digital One DAB multiplex.

What killed smooth jazz?

That question is easy enough to answer: Yes, smooth jazz is essentially dead on major-market radio. But as to what killed it … that’s a mystery that’s bedeviled the radio industry. The usual suspect is demographics. Advertisers buy radio like they buy television, paying more for the 25-to-54 demographic.

Is Smooth Jazz still popular?

In terms of its popularity, smooth jazz peaked in the early 00s, but it still has a loyal audience, with artists such as keyboardist Jeff Lorber, saxophonists Boney James and Richard Elliot, guitarist Chuck Loeb, and vocalist Will Downing (the latter proving that smooth jazz isn’t the exclusive preserve of

Is Jazz FM on FM?

As well as broadcasting on FM in London, Jazz FM was made available on digital radio in the United Kingdom via the Sky Digital platform on 30 April 2002 and on the Freeview platform on 30 October 2002.

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