What is K104 number?

Number #1 Hip Hop & R&B Station in Dallas,Tx!!!! LISTEN LIVE RIGHT NOW | myk104.com/live/ Instagram & Snapchat: @K104fm | 817-633-1045. Dallas, TX.

How do I get my music on K104?

* You must have your song submission on Soundcloud.com ( for 9 O’Clock Knockout acceptance) AND YouTube. * If you have management, your manger and/or CEO of Label will need to communicate with radio about you’re project. * Your song submission must be available to the public either online or at a retail outlet.

What happened to Michael Shawn?

Comedian Michael Shawn exited the syndicated morning show DeDe in the Morning last week. Shawn’s disease, alcoholism, is something that the comedian has been dealing with for quite awhile. His past battles with the disease caused him to miss significant time from the show in 2019.

Did Shawn leave K104 2020?

Service Broadcasting’s “ K104 ” KKDA-FM Decatur/Dallas TX is seeking candidates to join the syndicated DeDe In The Morning. The new host will succeed comedian Michael Shawn, who departed the show last month.

How much is Shawn Michaels worth?

Shawn Michaels net worth: Shawn Michaels is an American professional wrestling personality who has a net worth of $17 million.

Who is DD in the morning?

Since 2011, DeDe McGuire has been the host of “DeDe in the Morning ” on KKDA/K104FM Dallas, TX. The show airs Monday through Friday from 5AM – 10AM ET along with a fun 4-hour weekend show, DeDe’s Weekend Kickback. The fastest-growing urban radio show in America…

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What happened to Deedee in the morning?

After co-hosting the nationally syndicated radio program “The Doug Banks Show”, DeDe now hosts her own nationally syndicated radio show, “ DeDe in the Morning ”, heard weekday mornings on KKDA/K104 Dallas, Texas.

Where was DeDe McGuire born?

9. McGuire is one of the few women in the United States to have her own morning show in a major market city. 10. She is a native of Seattle, Washington.

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