What kind of band is all time low?

All Time Low’s musical style has generally been described as pop punk, pop rock, power pop, emo pop, emo, and alternative rock. All Time Low cites bands such as Blink-182, Green Day, MxPx, New Found Glory, Saves the Day, and The Get Up Kids as influences.

Did all time low break up?

Alex Gaskarth has confirmed that All Time Low are back working on a brand new album, after the band took a “little break ” following their 2017 record, Last Young Renegade. In an interview with The Music Podcast, Gaskarth delved into the reason All Time Low decided it was time to take a break.

What does all time low mean?

The lowest something has ever been. The temperature was at an all time low (It was very, very cold).

Who started all time low?

Formed while still in high school in 2003, All Time Low started covering songs by pop punk bands such as Blink-182. The band’s line-up consisted of Alex Gaskarth on vocals, Jack Barakat on guitar, Zack Merrick on bass guitar, and Rian Dawson on drums. They released a four-song EP in November.

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Who is the 5th member of All Time Low?

Alex Gaskarth
Instruments Vocals guitar piano keyboards harmonica
Years active 2002–present
Labels Hopeless Interscope Fueled by Ramen
Associated acts All Time Low Simple Creatures

Who was Jack Barakat dating?

Ever since the pop-punk band All Time Low was founded by three Dulaney High students, lead guitarist Jack Barakat has been a teen heartthrob. Now one teenage girl might be able to claim she is close with the musician: Abigail Breslin, who came to fame as the star of the 2006 film “Little Miss Sunshine.”

How much money does all time low make?

All Time Low Net Worth 2019 All Time Low’s revenue is $16.9K in 2019.

What type of music is falling in reverse?

Musical style and lyrics Falling in Reverse has been categorized as post-hardcore, emo, metalcore, hard rock, pop punk, hip hop, electronica, glam metal, and rap metal.

What is another word for all time low?

What is another word for all-time low?

nadir lowest level
low slump
depression basement
rock-bottom zero level
slough of despond floor


What is the meaning of all time favorite?

1. Definition (expr.) favorite of all choices, during all times. Examples Mexican food is my all time favorite for any meal.

What does all time mean?

1: full- time sense 1. 2: being for or of all time up to and including the present especially: exceeding all others of all time an all – time best seller.

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