Are the presidential debates on radio?

Presidential debates are held late in the election cycle, after the political parties have nominated their candidates. Debates have been broadcast live on television, radio, and in recent years, the web.

How do I listen to the debate on XM radio?

Listeners will also be able to tune in to SiriusXM’s conservative talk channel, SiriusXM Patriot (Ch. 125), to hear the debate live, followed by SiriusXM Patriot Special Report: Presidential Election, featuring exclusive analysis from host Andrew Wilkow from 9pm to 12am ET.

What XM channel is the debate on tonight?

Audio of the debate will be broadcast on Sirius XM channels 116, 454 and 795. Debate audio will also be available to stations in the Westwood One Radio Network.

How do I watch the presidential debate on Firestick?

How to Watch Presidential Debate on Firestick

  1. ABC – Watch Full Episodes & Live TV. You can tune in to ABC’s coverage of the presidential debates from the app.
  2. CBS Full Episodes and Live TV.
  3. NBC – Watch Full TV Episodes.
  4. CNNgo.
  5. Fox News.
  6. PBS Video.
  7. AT&T TV NOW.
  8. fuboTV.
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Who was the first president to use the radio effectively?

Fireside chats

President Franklin D. Roosevelt delivered his first fireside chat, on the Emergency Banking Act, eight days after taking office (March 12, 1933).
Date March 12, 1933 – June 12, 1944
Duration 11–44 minutes
Type 30 Presidential radio addresses
Participants Franklin D. Roosevelt

How many presidential debates are there going to be in 2020?

On October 11, 2019, the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) announced that it would host four debates; three of which would be between incumbent president Donald Trump, Democratic nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden, and any other participants that qualify, while one debate would be a vice presidential

What Sirius channel is the VP Debate on?

Politics (Ch. 124), the channel dedicated to delivering news and talk from all sides of the political spectrum, will broadcast the debate live, followed by reactions and discussion hosted by Olivier Knox.

Will the debate be on Firestick?

C-SPAN is live streaming the debate on their YouTube channel which is available on any device including Firestick, Roku, Android TV Box, PCs, phones, tablets, and more. If you choose to watch this on a streaming device such as Fire TV Stick 4k, you can use the YouTube app or simply watch via the Silk Browser.

Can I watch the debate on Roku for free?

Stream it on a stand-alone streaming service (Hulu With Live TV, Sling TV, YouTube TV, and FuboTV are among the more popular choices.) The Roku Channel also has a list of choices for streaming the debate for free.

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Will the debate be on Roku?

The debates will also be available for free, via, as well as The Roku Channel, which will have the debate on ABC News, Cheddar, Newsy and other channels.

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