Where can I listen to Lex and Terry?

Lex and Terry Morning Show | Free Internet Radio | TuneIn.

Is Lex and Terry still on the radio?

Lex and Terry got their start in Jacksonville in 1992 but have been in national syndication since 1997. The show is currently based in Dallas and airs on 18 stations around the country as well as Sirius XM satellite radio.

Is Lex and Terry on XM radio?

“As you may already be aware, the Lex and Terry show is no longer on XM. The show was dropped yesterday, Thursday, from the Extreme Talk channel on XM.

Where does Terry from Lex and Terry live?

Terry is a native Southern Californian and is now diggin’ life in Seattle, Washington.

What happened to Lex and Terry?

Despite the show’s positive impact on its ratings, KTXQ changed formats as the result of the station’s sale and dropped Lex and Terry on September 1, 1998. A firing story that is still told until this day. Lex and Terry moved their show back to Jacksonville, where it was the top morning show among rock radio stations.

Does Lex and Terry have a podcast?

The nationally syndicated radio show of Lex and Terry now has a FREE podcast! Join them every week as they explore the space between their radio show and their paid podcast called Sudden Death.

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When did taint leave Lex and Terry?

Tyler “ Taint ” Baker originally joined the Lex & Terry staff as an intern, but became a full-time employee in April 2007. Baker spent seven years working as a phone screener and radio stunt guy before his departure in 2012 to move to the West Coast.

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