What is the radio frequency for Jack FM?

JACKfm is an adult hits format radio station that broadcasts on 106.8 MHz FM in Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, and on DAB in Oxfordshire. Between 2016 and 2017 it also broadcast in Surrey and parts of Hampshire.

What frequency is Jack 2 on?

If you’re at home, in the car, heck anywhere near an FM radio then you can tune into JACK 2 on 107.9 across Oxford and the surrounding towns.

What frequency is Jack FM Oxford?

As a radio station, JACK is delighted to offer you the opportunity to listen on a radio. Tune to 106.4 or 106.8 FM in Oxfordshire, or find JACK in your DAB stations listen.

What happened to Jack FM Vancouver?

Drex, aka Justin Wilcomes, is helming the new Jack 96.9 (CJAX- FM ) Vancouver morning show. The former late night network host of Corus Radio’s The Shift with Drex took over the reins of the Jack 96.9 (CJAX- FM ) Vancouver morning show on Wednesday.

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Who is the voice behind Jack FM?

Meet Howard Cogan! Chances are, if you live within radio frequency range of most any major city in the U.S. or Canada, you DO know Jack. But you probably don’t know much about the man behind the voice of Jack FM.

When did Jack FM start?

KCBS- FM (93.1 FM ) is a radio station in Los Angeles, California, serving Greater Los Angeles on 93.1 MHz and owned by Audacy, Inc. KCBS- FM airs an adult hits music format branded as “93.1 Jack FM “. KCBS- FM.

First air date March 30, 1948


Why is Jack 2 Now Jack 3?

And it seems a shame to waste the 107.9 FM frequency when FM frequencies are so scarce. So we wanted to let JACK 3 make the most of it – because most people who listen to JACK 3 don’t listen on digital radio or online. JACK 2 Hits hasn’t stopped or gone away – just left FM and stepped into 2020 a bit.

Does Jack 2 still exist?

Jack 2 (referred to on air as Jack 2 Hits) is an Independent Local Radio station broadcasting in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom on the Oxfordshire DAB multiplex and previously in Surrey and Hampshire on DAB and online. Until April 2020, it also broadcast on FM in Oxfordshire on 107.9FM.

What did Jack FM used to be?

One of the early originators of the Jack FM format was radio programmer Bob Perry, on a United States-based Internet radio stream in 2000. Perry named the station after a fictitious persona, “Cadillac Jack ” Garrett, “a hard-living radio cowboy”.

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How do I get the Union Jack on my DAB radio?

On your digital radio across the UK Twiddle your knob to Union JACK. On mobile and tablet Tap that app. On the voice speaker thingies Shout “PLAY UNION JACK RADIO ” at it and hope for the best.

What music is Union Jack?

While Union JACK radio plays a mix of British music genres from across the 60s, 70s and 80s, Union JACK Rock will feature British-only rock music, while Union JACK Dance will celebrate British-only dance music.

Why did Drex leave CKNW?

Justin Wilcomes alias ‘ Drex ‘ took to his Twitter account last evening to announce he is leaving his allnight national Corus talk show ‘The Shift with Drex. ‘ I wanted to let you know that I have decided to step away from Corus Entertainment and #TheShiftwithDrex to pursue other opportunities.

What happened Breakfast TV Vancouver?

BREAKFAST TELEVISION CANCELLED IN VANCOUVER AND CALGARY According to a statement emailed to Daily Hive by Rogers Sports & Media Senior Director of Communications Andrea Goldstein, cuts were made to show staffing in both cities to make way for a new national version of the show.

What happened to City TV Vancouver?

According to Broadcast Dialogue, the Breakfast Television formats in Vancouver and Calgary have been shuttered, making way for a national BT show to start in early 2021. In Vancouver this led to several job losses that include Citytv and News 1130 meteorologist Russ Lacate, and traffic reporter Thor Diakow.

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