Is Clark Howard still on WSB radio?

Howard continues to regularly appear on WSB -TV in Atlanta, which is occasionally broadcast by other Cox Television stations nationwide. His TV appearances offer consumer scam warnings and consumer tips. He is syndicated by Westwood One.

What happened to Clark Howard?

In 1991, Howard became a consumer affairs reporter for Atlanta’s WSB-TV. He has since appeared on multiple TV and radio shows to spread consumer advice. Howard continues to live in Atlanta and has started multiple volunteer programs to improve the community and help its people.

How do I get in touch with Clark Howard?

Got a consumer question? Contact Clark’s Consumer Action Center — a FREE helpline open Monday-Thursday with volunteers available to answer YOUR concerns! Call Team Clark at 470-284-7137.

Did Clark Howard retire?

Action Travel quickly became a major success. After six years, Clark sold the agency and retired at the age of 31.

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What time is Clark Howard on WSB radio?

Weekdays 10pm – Midnight Radio Pocket Protector, Clark Howard.

What credit card does Clark Howard recommend?

Clark recently added a new credit card to his wallet. It’s a card that he’s recommended for years: Citi® Double Cash. This card rewards its users with up to 2% cash back: 1% when you buy and 1% when you pay. For most Americans, Clark says a simple cash back card with no annual fee is best.

What does Clark Howard say about life insurance?

Money expert Clark Howard recommends level term life insurance for most everyone. “Level term” means that your monthly premiums will cost the same through the life of your policy even if it’s 30 years. Term life insurance is known for its affordability over other types of life insurance.

Is Clark Howard Republican or Democrat?

Howard describes himself as a nonideological “mountain-state Republican ”—fiscally conservative and socially progressive. Yet he drives the Democrats crazy by supporting charter schools and vouchers.

What is Clark Howard’s net worth?

Clark Howard Net Worth and salary: Clark Howard is an American consumer advocate, radio show host and author who has a net worth of $15 million dollars.

How can I ask Clark Howard a question?

Have a consumer question and need advice now? Call 470-284-7137 and a member of Team Clark will assist you as soon as possible.

What is Clark Howard’s website? – Advice You Can Trust. Money in Your Pocket.

How Old Is Clark Howard?

Howard is currently 65 years old and has been hosting daily radio shows for about 33 years, according to the AJC. After retiring from radio, Howard will still run his two websites: and

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Who will replace Clark Howard?

Radio host Dave Ramsey will replace Clark Howard on WTMJ, M-F at 9p-12a.

What does Clark Howard think about Dave Ramsey?

Dave Ramsey’s aim is to get people out of debt, but he peddles more things than necessary which I suppose in his view is an investment into future savings down the road. Clark Howard is much more out for the greater good, explains how to get good value, and is less concerned with his own wealth creation.

How do you get a syndicated radio show?

Here are Six Steps to having a successful radio syndicated show:

  1. The first thing you have to do is to Create Your Show. What will be the theme and concept of your show?
  2. Get On the Air, Anywhere.
  3. Create a Marketing Kit and Demo.
  4. Market Your Show to Stations Nationwide.
  5. Sign Up Stations.
  6. Take Care of Business.
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