How do I find my stream URL?

View the streaming URL using a media player

  1. Launch a media player.
  2. Click the Media tab and select Open Network Stream from the drop-down menu.
  3. Enter the stream URL. In this example, the serial number method is shown.

How do I get a streaming URL from radio?

Use Chrome developer tools>Network tab and load the page. Once the music starts playing let it go for a while. Once it starts you should see one element continue to load, that’s the stream. Highlight a section of the Network graph with only the streaming url visible and then it will be listed in the text box below.

What is station stream URL?

Your live stream URL is a unique web address, which carries your live audio stream every time you broadcast (For the technically minded, it’s a 128kbps MP3 stream, Icecast compatible, and will work with almost all browsers and listening clients). You’ll find your live stream URL in your user settings.

What does a streaming URL look like?

A valid audio stream looks like this: http://www.my_favourite_radio.mp3 etc. This website could include a real audio streaming service, which will have its own URL.

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How do I find my RTMP URL?

Obtaining the RTMP URL and Stream Name:

  1. On your Facebook profile or page you manage, click on Live Video.
  2. When the Live Video window shows up, click on Connect.
  3. You’ll be shown the information you will need to enter when setting up Custom RTMP. The Stream URL will go to the RTMP URL field on XSplit Broadcaster.

How do I find my Shoutcast stream URL?

If you’re using CentovaCast, you can find this URL by logging in to Centova through the client centre, then choosing “Quick Links” on the left. Your source URL is the same thing as “Your streaming server index page”, the second link from the top.

How do I get a Shoutcast stream URL?

  1. Shoutcast V1. Go to URL http:// shoutcast -server-ip:port/ then click on “Listen“, download.pls file http:// shoutcast -server-ip:port/listen.pls, open it in any text editor to get Shoutcast V1 Streaming URL.
  2. Shoutcast V2.
  3. Icecast.

How do I find my Iheartradio stream URL?

Go to desired radio station web site. Click on listen/play. Right click page then view page source.

How do I get a streaming URL?

Choose the stack, and then choose Actions, Create streaming URL. In User id, enter the user ID. For URL Expiration, choose an expiration time, which determines how long the generated URL is valid. Streaming URL

  1. AppStream 2.0 console.
  2. The CreateStreamingURL API action.
  3. The create – streaming – url AWS CLI command.

How do I get my Mixlr link?

Via Log in to your account and click the livepage link from the homepage. This take you to your Mixlr livepage. From here you can copy the URL from your browser’s address bar. You can also share your livepage URL from this page by using the Facebook, Twitter and Google+ icons to the right of the screen.

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What is a network URL?

A Uniform Resource Locator ( URL ), colloquially termed a web address, is a reference to a web resource that specifies its location on a computer network and a mechanism for retrieving it. A URL is a specific type of Uniform Resource Identifier (URI), although many people use the two terms interchangeably.

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