Is NJ 101.5 reliable?

New Jersey 101.5 has a consumer rating of 3.25 stars from 6 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. New Jersey 101.5 ranks 23rd among Radio sites.

How many kids does Judi Franco have?

She is the mother of four children and has several grandchildren.

How many listeners does NJ 101.5 have?

The top talk station among listeners is a home-grown one. More than 1-in-4 Garden State talk radio listeners (27%) say their most listened to station is New Jersey 101.5. New Jersey Radio: All Talk, Nearly All the Time.

More than one response accepted, may total more than 100% New Jersey 101.5
Listening Frequency 25%


How old is Dennis Malloy?

Malloy, 60, who lives in Marlton, “loves being able to make people laugh, keep the public informed and give honest, bold opinions about our world today,” his bio says.

Who owns 101.5 NJ?

WKXW (101.5 FM, “New Jersey 101.5”) is a commercial FM radio station licensed to serve Trenton, New Jersey. It is owned by Townsquare Media.

What is Judi Franco real name?

Judi Sherven’s birth name is Judith Kay Sherven. View the profiles of people named Judy Franco.

What diet is Judi Franco on?

The ketogenic diet If you’ve heard people talk about being on “keto” this is what they’re referring to. The ubiquitous keto diet really does work because it puts your body into ketosis which burns fat really, really fast.

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