How can I listen to the Walton and Johnson show?

Baton Rouge’s home for Walton & Johnson Download The iHeartRadio App NOW! Listen To The Most Popular Podcasts On iHeartRadio!

What stations are Walton and Johnson on?

The show airs from 5:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. on WJBO, 1150 AM and 97.7 FM in Baton Rouge, WRNO 99.5 in New Orleans, KFTE 105.1 FM in Lafayette, KZMZ 96.9 in Alexandria and KTUX 98.9 (out of Carthage, Texas), serving the Shreveport area, along with 10 other stations throughout the South.

Is Walton and Johnson still on the radio?

Walton and Johnson are no longer broadcasting on The Eagle 98.1 in Baton Rouge and Bayou radio 95.7 in New Orleans — opting instead for talk r… 2, 2017, the radio duo announced on their Facebook page that they could be found in Baton Rouge on WJBO 1150, an AM station, from 5:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. weekdays.

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Why is Walton and Johnson not on the radio?

John Walton of the regionally syndicated, Houston-based radio show “ Walton and Johnson ” died late Monday after suffering from numerous medical issues, according to an announcement from his co-host Steve Johnson.

Who does the voices on the Walton and Johnson show?

walton doesn’t voice any characters. Walton is the only person who uses his regular voice and doesn’t play a character. Steve Johnson voices Billy Ed (country guy), Mr Eaux (black guy), Mr. Kenneth (gay guy), but there is no ‘Steve Johnson ‘ on the show.

Does Walton and Johnson have a podcast?

Walton and Johnson – The Radio Gawds:: Podcast.

Is Walton and Johnson on iHeartRadio?

The Walton & Johnson Show | iHeartRadio.

Who is the new guy on Walton and Johnson?

The Walton and Johnson Show has been running since 1983 at WQUE/ New Orleans, based now at KPRC-A/Houston and syndicated across the South and Gulf Coast region. John Walton passed away on July 1, 2019; producer Ken Webster has now officially moved into the co-host role opposite Steve Johnson.

Where is Walton and Johnson from?

Both men were natives of Houston. Walton served as straight man to the comedy of Johnson, who voices the stereotypical characters Mr. Kenneth, Mr. Eaux and Billy Ed.

What happened to John Walton radio personality?

On July 2, 2019, Steve Johnson made the shocking announcement that his co- host John Walton had died the previous evening, citing medical issues that Walton had kept private for some time. “His medical issues were too numerous to overcome,” Johnson wrote.

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How did Walton die?

John T. Walton
Born John Thomas Walton October 8, 1946 Newport, Arkansas, U.S.
Died June 27, 2005 (aged 58) Jackson, Wyoming, U.S.
Cause of death Plane crash
Resting place Bentonville Cemetery, Bentonville, Arkansas, U.S.

What happened Walton?

2 Answers. Walton died in the sense that he didn’t exist in the game anymore. However, there is no reason why the code storing his character wouldn’t have been available, had Daly wanted to revive him. The point of flying into the worm hole was to destroy the code that stored each character.

What station is Walton and Johnson on in Lake Charles?

Listen Live to Walton & Johnson – The Radio Gawds – Walton & Johnson Radio.

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