What station is NPR in Washington state?

Washington NPR Member Stations

Station City Frequency
KEXP-FM Seattle 90.3
KUOW-FM Seattle 94.9
KPBX-FM Spokane 91.1
KSFC-FM Spokane 91.9


What number is NPR Radio in Seattle?

KUOW-FM (94.9 MHz) is a National Public Radio member station in Seattle, Washington. KUOW-FM.

Broadcast area Seattle metropolitan area
Frequency 94.9 MHz FM (HD Radio )
Branding KUOW 94.9
Slogan Sound stories. Sound voices.


What FM channel is NPR?

KCRW 89.9 FM. Music, NPR News, Culture Los Angeles. KCRW.

Where is my local NPR station?

NPR.org. Visit the NPR.org home page. Across platforms, NPR.org offers a broad range of NPR and Member Station audio. Play your station live (click “Live Radio “), or listen to our regular Newscast updates (click “Our Picks”), programs, podcasts and music.

How can I listen to KUOW?

Stream KUOW Live

  1. Stream online on KUOW.org by clicking ” Listen Live” (on desktop) or the triangle play button (on mobile), top left corner of the site.
  2. Stream on your smart speaker by asking it to “ Play KUOW.”
  3. Stream on a TV or Phone app such as the NPR One app.
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How many NPR stations are there?

There are over 1000 NPR Member Station signals broadcasting across the United States. The links between NPR and Member Stations are many and deep.

What frequency is Kuow?

KUOW.org 94.9FM.

What is the NPR frequency?

California NPR Member Stations

Station City Frequency
KUSC- FM Los Angeles 91.5
KNSQ- FM Mt. Shasta 88.1
KQEI- FM North Highlands 89.3
KCSN- FM Northridge 88.5


Are we going to be OK KUOW?

Each week KUOW’s Jeannie Yandel and Zaki Hamid join with community members from different corners of our city to talk about how we ‘re handling this new (and hopefully temporary) reality. Together we ‘ll explore important tips and tactics and we want YOU to be part of this conversation.

Is NPR a newspaper?

National Public Radio ( NPR, stylized in all lowercase, npr ) is an American privately and publicly funded non-profit media organization based in Washington, D.C. NPR is based in two locations: main NPR headquarters in Washington, D.C. (often called the “mothership” of NPR ) and NPR West headquarters in Culver City,

How do I make this NPR?

Coming Soon: How I Built This September 6, 2016 • On September 12, NPR launches a new podcast, How I Built This, hosted by Guy Raz. The show features innovators, entrepreneurs, idealists, and the stories behind the movements they built.

Is the NPR app free?

To download the free app, go to iphone. npr.org/recommendnprnews or search for ” NPR News” in the iTunes App Store. Please give it a try and let us know what you think.

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Can I listen to NPR on my phone?

Like the NPR app, NPR One continues to evolve and grow, now expanding its reach beyond the smartphone to smart speakers and other new connected devices. Until then, Android users can continue to use their existing NPR News app. Start reading and listening today.

How can I listen to MPR online?

MPR’s three main services and additional streaming channels are available on the web site, on MPR apps, and via a variety of streaming services such as Slacker, TuneIn, and iHeartRadio.

Does NPR have a TV channel?

On Television: NPR. On Television NPR features regular reviews and coverage of television offerings by Andrew Wallenstein of “Day to Day” and David Bianculli of “Fresh Air.”

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