Where can I listen to Dr Laura Schlessinger?

The Dr. Laura Program | Heard Daily on SiriusXM Triumph 111 & The Call of the Day Podcast.

How can I listen to Dr Laura?

You can listen to the Podcast on demand or iTunes Podcast. The Dr. Laura program is not available live online, but as a Family Premium member you can listen to the archived shows anytime. Log into your DrLaura.com Family Premium account.

Is Dr Laura still on Sirius Radio 2020?

Laura Schlessinger’s show exclusively on SiriusXM’s Triumph (Ch. 111). Continue to get no-nonsense relationship advice, infused with a strong sense of ethics and personal responsibility, each weekday from the famed therapist and author.

What time is Dr Laura on Sirius radio?

Laura Schlessinger is the latest radio personality to transition from terrestrial radio to satellite. The host of ” Dr. Laura ” announced today she would move her daily call-in chat show from syndication to Sirius XM Radio, where it will broadcast five days a week from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. ET, beginning Jan.

Is Dr Laura on the radio?

Laura Schlessinger announced tonight she is ending her radio show, a week after she broadcast a five-minute-long rant in which she used the N-word 11 times. Schlessinger said on “Larry King Live” tonight that she has decided “not to do radio anymore” so she can say the things she wants to say.

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What happened to Dr Laura’s son?

Laura Berman and her husband, Samuel Chapman, are sharing how their family has been coping with the death of their son, Sammy. The 16-year-old died last month due to a drug overdose, and on last week’s episode of the True Crime Daily podcast, Chapman said he’s still “dealing with terrible PTSD” from the tragedy.

Has Dr Laura been divorced?

Laura herself has been divorced; she herself “shacked up” with her current husband, who was a married father of three when they met; she herself, a strident critic of women who undergo fertility treatments instead of adopting, spent lots of time and money to conceive her son, Deryk (she had to have a tubal ligation

Does Dave Ramsey have a Sirius channel?

NEW YORK – November 10, 2016 – Today SiriusXM announced that Dave Ramsey, America’s trusted voice on money and business, will bring his award-winning program “The Dave Ramsey Show” to SiriusXM. The nationally syndicated show can be heard on Sirius channel 145 and XM channel 207 starting on November 14.

Did Dr Laura’s dog BB die?

I have sad news to share. Bebe, my beloved perfect miniature poodle, passed away this week. She was a treasure to me, my family and all of my friends. She loved to hike the hills, chase skunks, chew on squeaky toys and have her head scratched for hours.

What time is Dave Ramsey on Siriusxm?

The nationally syndicated program can be heard on Sirius Ch. 145, XM Ch. 207 and online Ch. 790 weekdays at 2 pm ET.

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