How do I get into the radio station in dying light?

Make your way across the roofs of Old Town toward the Radio Station marked on your map. It’s in the south, southwest corner. When you arrive, drop down to the street level and make your way into the tunnel made of chainlink fence. Follow the red cable to generators and a door that leads inside.

How do you get to Rais outpost?

You need to clear the roof of enemies before going inside. There is an open door on the east side of the building. Head inside and use the elevator door to go to the core of the outpost. The best strategy for this outpost is to clear out as quietly as possible.

Where do you find the boys in dying light?

Radio Boy

  1. This quest can be found while exploring the southwest side of the Countryside, near the dam and warehouse.
  2. Head to the marked warehouse and climb to the roof.
  3. The Demolisher is pretty tough with his body armor on.
  4. Use a gun, a rifle or SMG would be best, to take off the chest and back armor.
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How do you turn on the power in the safe zone dying light?

Safe Zones that have not been unlocked yet appear on the map as a red house symbol, and often require the player to kill several Biters, block an infected/friendly entrance such as a doorway or opening in the wall, and activate the power via a fuse box or breaker switch.

Where is the bunker key in dying light?

To find the key to the bunker go West (point 4e on the map). The key is in custody of the police captain Halim, who turned into a monstrous mutant. Before you take on him, deal with the rest of the mutants around, especially the runners.

How do you kill demolisher dying light?

Use the gas pipes or a piece of Heavy Rebar from Goons to break the helmet then use the arena machete to kill it. There are some firecrackers on the top of the containers, use it to distract the Demolisher or the Virals.

How do I kill beelzebufo?

If you want to fight over the distance, use firearms, bow, crossbow or throwing weapons. If possible, use the best available variants of gear, i.e. ones with explosive properties, or ones that deal damage from elements. Thanks to using weapons of this type, you will be weakening Beelzebufo more efficiently.

Where are all the safe zones in dying light?

Unlocking all safe zones in the main campaign will give you the “Now It’s Safe ” trophy/achievement.

  • 01 – The Tower. Area: Slums.
  • 02 – Sports Court. Area: Slums.
  • 03 – Cauldron Area Building. Area: Slums.
  • 04 – Dr. Zere’s Trailer.
  • 05 – Drug Store. Area: Slums.
  • 06 – Safe Tower.
  • 07 – Red Flower Cafe.
  • 08 – Safe Zone South of Safe Tower.
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How many safe houses are there in dying light?

In total there is only 16 you need to get. The red ones that are marked on map.

How do you unlock the safe zone dying light?

Safe Zone are unlocked through completing story quest and side quest. Crane will also come upon infested safe zones where he can kill all the zombies then turn on the power in the safe zone to unlock it for use. Some of the safe zones in the Countryside area do not have power from the start of the campaign.

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