How do I add my own music to Fallout 4?

Click on ‘Choose File’ and the Creation Kit will take you to ‘ Fallout 4 >Data> Music ‘ (where we stored your WAV files earlier). Select your chosen song!

Does Fallout 4 have radio?

The radio is a world object and constructible settlement object in Fallout 4.

Where is the radio station in Fallout 4?

WRVR Broadcast Station is a relay tower Location in the Southeastern area of The Commonwealth. It is located to the southeast of the Coast Guard Pier, and North of Scrap Palace.

What do ham radios do in Fallout 4?

From the Fallout Wikia: Generally, ham radio stations are only useful in that they broadcast a radio signal and serve as a beacon to lead a player to an otherwise difficult-to-find location. Players cannot affect a ham radio apart from turning the signal on or off. Ham radios are indestructible.

Can Travis die Fallout 4?

This character is essential. Essential characters cannot be killed. This character is a temporary companion. This character is involved in quests.

How do I get Travis confident?

Go to the Diamond City Radio station and speak with Travis. Go to Beantown Brewery. Free Vadim and speak with him and Travis. Travis is more confident on Diamond City Radio.

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How do you reconfigure the transmitter in Fallout 4?

Reconfigure the Transmitter Approach the Radio Equipment Slot, and install each radio part that you took from the crate. Note that you must insert the parts in a particular order to increase the transmitter’s power charge, indicated by the green lights on the transmitter.

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