What station is mix 96?

CILT-FM (96.7 FM), branded as Mix 96, is a radio station broadcasting a hot adult contemporary/classic hits format, similar to CKNO-FM in Edmonton.

Where is 96.1 located?

It is operated by the Australian Radio Network. The Edge 96. ONE.

City Wentworth Falls, New South Wales, Australia
Broadcast area Katoomba RA1
Frequency 96.1 MHz FM
Slogan Beats That Move You


What station is the mix?

101.9fm The MIX – WTMX Chicago.

What is Sacramento’s Christmas station?

MIX 96 Is Sacramento’s Official Christmas Music Station!

What channel is Virgin Radio on?

Virgin Radio is available on Sky channel 0215 or Freesat channel 736. You can also connect the Virgin Radio UK app to Amazon Fire TV.

What type of music does Virgin radio play?

Sister Stations Virgin Radio Anthems plays guitar-based classics from the 80s and 90s. Virgin Radio Chilled features acoustic singer-songwriters and is designed to unwind and relax. Both stations broadcast The Chris Evans Breakfast Show.

Will and Woody location?

Will & Woody

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Genre Comedy
Home station KIIS 101.1 Melbourne
Syndicates 96FM Perth 97.3FM Brisbane KIIS 106.5 Sydney Mix 102.3 Adelaide
Hosted by Will McMahon Woody Whitelaw
Executive producer(s) Ed Kirkwood

How do you call the edge?

The Edge Contact Details: PHONE STUDIO: 0800 THE EDGE (0800 843 3343).

Is Mikey and Emma related?

Emma Sano ( 清水 きよみず エマ {{{2}}}, Sano Ema?) was Shinichiro Sano and Mikey ‘s half-sister and Izana Kurokawa’s adoptive sister.

What has happened to the mix radio station?

In 2015 the station extended to Christchurch on 91.7 FM and the station was renamed to Mix. In 2018 the station extended to Tauranga on 99.0 FM, Rotorua on 94.3 FM and New Plymouth on 106.0 FM. In January 2020, Radio Hauraki replaced Mix on 94.3 FM in Rotorua. In June 2020, Coast replaced Mix on 98.2 FM in Auckland.

Why did Melissa McGurren leave the mix?

Melissa wanted to stay. It is like the disappearance of Kathy all those years ago. Eric seems to only be able to tolerate a female co-host for so long, and then “bye-bye”. Eric might as well host the show solo, since clearly no woman can even work with him, even when they have been on the show for a couple of decades.

What is Mix FM frequency?

MIX (formerly known as mix fm ) is a Malaysian national radio station managed by Astro Radio, a subsidiary of Astro Holdings Sdn Bhd. Frequency.

Frequencies Broadcast area Transmitter site
94.1 MHz Kuantan, Pahang Bukit Pelindung
98.3 MHz Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu Bukit Besar
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What is the local Christmas radio station?

KOST 103.5 is the first to go holiday, switching on Friday, November 9, 2018; country music station KKGO 105.1 gets festive on Monday, November 19. KOST bills itself as “Southern California’s official Christmas station” and is the popular favorite.

Where are the Fab 40s?

East Sacramento residential development began in the 1890s, and the area was annexed into Sacramento in 1911. East Sacramento was also home to the Alhambra Theatre. East Sacramento also includes McKinley Park and the ” Fabulous Forties ” neighborhood. East Sacramento, Sacramento, California.

East Sacramento
County Sacramento
City Sacramento

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