What FM station is Auburn on?

Auburn Radio Affiliates
City Call Letters Frequency
Auburn WTGZ 93.9 FM
Birmingham WZRR 99.5 FM
Birmingham WJQX 100.5 FM


How can I listen to the Auburn football game?

Here’s how to watch or listen to the game:

  1. TV: CBS.
  2. Live streaming: CBS Sports App.
  3. Radio: WTGZ-FM 93.9 in Auburn | Sirius 133/XM 191 | List of affiliates | AuburnTigers.com | Auburn Gameday app | TuneIn.
  4. Weather: 66 degrees, sunny, no chance of rain, winds from the east at 8 mph.
  5. Line: Auburn +3.

What am channel is ESPN Radio?

710 ESPN KSPN- AM – Radio Schedule – ESPN Los Angeles.

What radio station is the college football game on?

CFB on ESPN Radio – ESPN.

Who won the Auburn baseball game?

Ole Miss defeated Auburn 7-4. No. 5 seed Ole Miss improved to 39-17 overall. No. 12-seeded Auburn ended the season 25-27 overall. Here are the top plays from the game.

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How do I listen to Citrus Bowl?

Game Time/TV Channel/Streaming Northwestern in the 2021 Citrus Bowl on Friday, January 31st at 1:00 p.m. ET on ABC. You can stream it via WatchESPN or the ESPN app with a cable or streaming service login.

Is the Auburn football game on the radio?

Tune into WELR Eagle 102.3 for every Auburn Football game. You can listen live online below as well.

Is ESPN Radio AM or FM?

Owned and/or operated

Market Station Frequency
New York WEPN- FM ยน 98.7 FM
WEPN 1050 AM
Los Angeles KSPN 710 AM
KRDC 1110 AM

How can I listen to NFL games on the radio?

This season, you can hear every primetime and postseason game on radio stations nationwide (find an affiliate near you), as well as on SiriusXM NFL Radio Channel 88, through NFL Game Pass, which is available on NFL.com and the NFL Mobile app, or with a subscription to TuneIn Premium.

How do I get ESPN Radio?

TuneIn.com offers ESPN radio across the globe for free. To start listening to ESPN radio live, click the play button below to listen to your choice of ESPN games, ESPN news, in-depth analysis of the sports world, and much more.

What is the local sports radio station?

Sports Radio Stations:

Call Freq. Format
KAMD 97.1 Sports
KAMP 1430 Sports
KARN 920 Sports
KASR 92.7 Sports


How can I listen to college football on the radio?

ESPN College Football 1: Stations in Family

  1. ESPN Radio.
  2. WBNS – ESPN Columbus 1460 AM.
  3. WKNR – ESPN 850 AM.
  4. WJZ-FM – CBS Baltimore 105.7 FM.
  5. KIRO – 710 ESPN Seattle 710 AM.
  6. ESPN 97.5 Houston.
  7. ESPN Deportes Miami 990AM.
  8. WCPV – ESPN 101.3.
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What station is ESPN Radio in Florida?

About ESPN Radio 850/900 – ESPN 98.1 FM – 850 AM WRUF.

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