What local radio station is John Tesh on?

John Tesh Radio Show | whud- fm.

Does John Tesh have a radio show?

Tesh currently has a nationally syndicated radio show called the John Tesh Radio Show, which typically airs on adult contemporary, classic hits, Christian and soft rock radio formats.

What illness does John Tesh have?

In 2015, composer and radio personality John Tesh faced a grim prostate cancer diagnosis. The former “Entertainment Tonight” host and sports broadcaster was told he had 18 months to live. As the pain and guilt about being a burden on others rose, Tesh’s mind drifted to a dark place.

What has happened to John Tesh?

It’s the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.” Tesh underwent surgery in 2015, followed by chemotherapy and radiation. Tesh’s cancer returned two years later and in 2018, after he had decided to stop treatment, a blood test showed that his tumor markers were, once again, clear. Tesh credits his good fortune to God.

How many stations is John Tesh on?

“I like to call it ‘purpose-driven radio’,” says Tesh of his award-winning daily and weekly show that is heard on over 355 stations nationwide by more than 8 million listeners.

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What is John Tesh salary?

Net Worth, Salary & Earnings of John Tesh in 2021 The net worth of John Tesh is $40 million as of the year 2021. Most of his wealth comes from his hosting in various programs of television and Radio. He got many awards for hosting various big programs and making theme songs for the sports department.

Why did John Tesh leave Entertainment Tonight?

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge has set June 6 for a hearing on a bid by Paramount Television to prohibit “ Entertainment Tonight ” co-anchor John Tesh from taking the summer off in order to pursue his music career. “ John’s been working for ‘ E.T. ‘ almost 10 years.

Why did Connie Sellecca stop acting?

Tesh says his wife put her career on hold to care for him, just as she did in 1994 when their daughter, Prima, was born. Sellecca quit acting to become a full-time mom.

What type of prostate cancer did John Tesh have?

Five years ago, doctors gave musician John Tesh 18 months to live. Metastatic prostate cancer was the diagnosis, and the conversation turned to insurance policies, burial plots, and life without John.

What is John Tesh’s net worth?

John Tesh net worth and salary: John Tesh is an American entertainer, songwriter and television host who has a net worth of $30 million.

Was John Tesh on Star Trek?

John Frank Tesh (born 9 July 1952; age 68) is a musician and former entertainment-news anchor who portrayed a holographic Klingon in the Star Trek: The Next Generation second season episode “The Icarus Factor”.

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How did John Tesh and Connie Sellecca meet?

The great romance between John Tesh who was known as the anchor of Entertainment Tonight and Connie Sellecca did not start on a good note. The TV host once dated Oprah Winfrey and was previously married to actress Julie Wright. When the couple first met in Palm Springs he made a quick move and asked her out.

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