What frequency is BBC Radio 5 Live?


Radio 1 97-99 FM
Radio 2 88-91 FM
Radio 3 90-93 FM
Radio 4 92-95 FM, 103-105 FM (with local variations for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) For Long Wave and Medium Wave frequencies, see below.
Radio 5 Live 909/693 MW

How do I get BBC 5 Live on the radio?

Mobile: You can listen to 5 live on your smartphone if you visit http://www. bbc.co.uk/ 5live via your mobile browser. Our mobile site also provides access to our schedule, commentaries page, downloads, clips and more. Please note: Streaming radio is a data intensive service.

How can I listen to Radio 5?

Listen to BBC Radio 5 live online You can listen to live online radio from BBC Radio 5 live for free. Apps: we may also list official apps to help you tune in on BBC Radio 5 live’s page.

How do I listen to BBC radio?

You can listen to live radio streams, on demand programmes, podcasts, audiobooks, music mixes and lots more! You can access BBC Sounds through our website at www. bbc.co.uk/sounds on your computer, laptop, phone or tablet device. There’s also a dedicated BBC Sounds app for mobile and tablet devices.

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What is BBC frequency?

Local Radio

Radio Station Frequencies
BBC London 94.9 FM
BBC Radio Manchester 95.1 FM
BBC Radio Merseyside 95.8 FM, 1485 MW
BBC Newcastle 95.4 FM, 96 FM, 103.7 FM, 104.4 FM, 1458 MW


Can you get 5 Live on FM?

Radio 5 Live is the BBC’s station for sport, news and phone-ins, covering most major sports events in the UK. Although a national service, it is not broadcast on FM, the only analogue frequencies being 693, 909 and 990 kHz on AM.

What radio frequency is 5 live sports extra?

DAB radio: Scroll through the stations list until you find 5 Live Sports Extra, or manually tune to 12B (225.648 MHz) Sky: Channel 0144. Freeview: Channel 706. Freesat: Channel 706.

What radio station is Man U on?

BBC Radio 5 Live – Official Radio Broadcast Partner of the Premier League.

What was on Radio 5 today?


  • 06:00. 5 Live Breakfast22/06/2021. Rachel and Nicky are out and about ahead of England and Scotland’s final group game,
  • 09:00. 5 Live BreakfastYour Call, 22/06/2021. Nicky Campbell takes your calls on the day’s big story.
  • 10:00. Naga Munchetty22/06/2021.

How do I get 5 Live Sports Extra?

5 Live sports extra is a secondary service of Radio 5 Live, and not always available on air. When the BBC has additional sports content, it can be found next to Radio 5 live on DAB radio. This is similar to Radio 4 LW on DAB, which can be found next to Radio 4 on the list of stations.

Is Radio 5 Live free?

BBC Radio 5 live radio stream live and for free.

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How do I get times radio?

You can find us on DAB digital radio, download the free Times Radio app on iOS or Android, listen online at times. radio or ask your Amazon Echo or Google Home or other smart speaker to ‘play Times Radio ‘.

Can I listen to BBC radio without signing in?

Without signing in, you’ll be unable to play programmes or choose to benefit from personalised features such as bookmarking programmes for later, getting personalised programme recommendations based on what you’ve listened to, and picking up where you left off across your devices.

Can I listen to BBC Radio abroad?

Yes, you can listen to most of our live and on-demand radio content from anywhere in the world.

What radio frequency is BBC Radio 4?

Radio 4 can be found on the following channels, frequencies and websites: DAB Listed as ” BBC Radio 4 “, ” BBC R4″, or ” Radio 4 ” FM 92 – 95 FM, 103-105 FM.

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