What is 107.9 radio station number Cleveland Ohio?

WENZ ( 107.9 FM ) is a commercial mainstream urban radio station licensed to Cleveland, Ohio, serving Greater Cleveland and much of surrounding Northeast Ohio. WENZ.

City Cleveland, Ohio
Broadcast area Greater Cleveland Northeast Ohio
Frequency 107.9 MHz (HD Radio )
Branding Z 107.9


Where is Heart radio station based?

Heart’s network programming is produced and broadcast from the headquarters of Global at Leicester Square in central London.

Where is the largest radio station in Pakistan?

FM 101 Channel of PBC was launched on 1 October 1998 having stations at Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi and now this channel have nine stations throughout Pakistan and is the biggest FM Radio network of Pakistan. Radio Pakistan.

Type Subsidiary
Predecessor Pakistan Broadcasting Service
Founded August 14, 1947 Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Where is the oldest radio station?

… world’s first commercial radio station, KDKA, began broadcasting in Pittsburgh in 1920.

How can I listen to Heart FM?

All The Ways You Can Listen To Heart

  1. Online via Global Player’s Website.
  2. Via the Global Player mobile app.
  3. On Smart Speakers.
  4. On DAB Digital and Radio.
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What radio frequency is heart Christmas?

If you can tune in and hear talkSPORT, Capital Xtra and LBC, you’ll definitely be able to hear Heart Extra Xmas as they all broadcast on the same DAB frequency – and are all carried on the same channel: channel 11D in England & Wales; channel 12A in Scotland; channel 11D in Northern Ireland.

Which country accept Pakistan first of all?

Iran was the first country to recognize Pakistan as an independent state, and Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was the first head of any state to come on an official state visit to Pakistan (in March 1950).

What is the frequency of Radio Pakistan?

List of Pakistan Radio Stations by Location and Frequency

Frequency (Mediumwave and shortwave in kHz, FM in MHz) Transmitter power (kW) Station
93.0 MHz 2 kW Radio Pakistan FM93
93.4 MHz 2 kW Radio Pakistan Saut ul Quran
94.6 MHz Shalimar FM
101.0 MHz 2 kW Radio Pakistan FM101


How many FM are in Pakistan?

22 FM Stations are operating at different frequencies on FM band all over Pakistan.

What was the first FM radio station?

One of the first FM radio stations, Edwin Armstrong’s experimental station W2XMN in Alpine, New Jersey, USA. The insets show a part of the transmitter, and a map of FM stations in 1940.

Who started the first radio station?

In 1896, Marconi was awarded British patent 12039, Improvements in transmitting electrical impulses and signals and in apparatus there-for, the first patent ever issued for a Hertzian wave ( radio wave) base wireless telegraphic system. In 1897, he established a radio station on the Isle of Wight, England.

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When did FM radio stations begin?

FM broadcasting in the United States began in the 1930s at engineer and inventor Edwin Howard Armstrong’s experimental station, W2XMN. The use of FM radio has been associated with higher sound quality in music radio.

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