Is there a radio station that plays Japanese?

Sakura Radio: The first Japanese internet radio station with 24/7 coverage throughout the United States. We are the first TRUE Japanese internet radio station in the US with 24/7 coverage throughout the United States.

What station on the radio plays hip hop?

Hip-Hop Radio Stations:

1. WLLD 94.1 FM
2. KRRL 92.3 FM
3. WKYS 93.9 FM

How can I listen to local radio stations?

These services/apps, such as iHeartRadio or TuneIn, let you listen to practically any radio station in the United States, and many more globally. This way, you can keep in touch with your local stations when you’re away from home—or listen to the best of the best from anywhere in the world!

Is there a radio station that plays Kpop?

KPOP (94.3 FM) is a radio station licensed to serve the community of Hartshorne, Oklahoma. The station is owned by Heartbeat Oklahoma LLC. It airs a contemporary Christian format. KPOP (FM)

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Frequency 94.3 MHz
Branding Hope Radio 94.3
Format Contemporary Christian


How can I listen to Japanese radio?

FEATURES ON APP RADIO JAPAN – RADIO JAPAN FM & AM: LISTEN LIVE JAPANESE RADIO STATIONS ONLINE + MUSIC AND TALK STATIONS: # JAPANESE RADIO PLAYER APP You don’t need to know the frequency so you can tune into the Radio Japan Live of your choice. Just touch the name of the FM or AM Radio station and enjoy.

What is the most popular radio station in Tokyo?

J-Wave airs mostly music, covering a wide range of formats. The station is considered the most popular among FM broadcasts in Tokyo, and has surprised the radio broadcast industry by gaining a higher popularity rate than an AM station (JOQR) in a survey conducted in June 2008.

What is the hip hop station in New York?

HOT 97 is the premier Hip Hop radio station in America. It is the epicenter for the New York Hip Hop culture playing a music mix of current R&B and Hip Hop music.

What is the hip hop station in San Antonio?

WE 103.3 | San Antonio’s Real Hip Hop Station.

What is Dallas radio station?

Dallas, Texas Radio Stations

Frequency Callsign Format
93.3 FM KLIF Urban
94.1 FM KLNO Spanish Classic Hits
94.5 FM KZMJ Classic Hip Hop
94.9 FM KLTY Christian Contemporary


What is the best FM radio app?

Top 5 Best Radio Apps for Android in 2019

  • 1 – TuneIn Radio – Unveil Up to 100.000 Radio Stations. TuneIn radio application comes with up to 100,000 radio stations.
  • 2 – Audials Radio App. Are you looking for a powerful radio app for android?
  • 3 – PCRADIO – Radio Online.
  • 4 – iHeartRadio.
  • 5 – Xiialive.
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How can I listen to local radio stations on my phone?

Find your favorite radio stations

  1. On your phone, click on the App Store (for iPhone users) or Google Play (for Android users)
  2. Search for “iHeartRadio” or simply “ radio apps”
  3. Find one you like and click download (be careful, not all of them are free)

Does my phone have a radio tuner?

There’s a little-known feature most smartphones have hidden inside. It’s a common technology that you use in your car or at home. In case you haven’t guessed already your smartphone probably has an FM radio receiver built right into it. You just need to activate it, and you’ll then have an FM tuner on your phone.

Where can I listen to Kpop now?

8 K-pop Music Apps That’ll Make You Dance for Joy

  • Spotify. Available: iOS | Android. Yes, you may already have one of the best K-pop apps installed on your phone or favorite device.
  • KMTV. Available: iOS | Android.
  • FluentU. Available: iOS | Android.
  • KPOP Amino. Available: iOS | Android.
  • Mubeat. Available: iOS | Android.

Does BTS play on the radio?

BTS (also known as the Bangtan Boys) is one of the world’s most successful bands. But despite their global success, BTS gets limited airplay on American radio. The radio stations tracked by MRC Data/Nielsen Music have only played BTS 83,000 times in the past year.

What is the KPOP radio station number in America?

KMPC (1540 kHz, ” Radio Korea”, 라디오코리아) is a commercial AM radio station in Los Angeles, California. It is owned by P&Y Broadcasting Corporation. Radio Korea is a division of the Radio Korea Media Group. KMPC.

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City Los Angeles, California
Broadcast area Greater Los Angeles
Frequency 1540 kHz
Branding Radio Korea


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