What channel is the Edge radio?

FM stations

Frequency (MHz) Name Owner
92.9 The Sound MediaWorks Radio
93.4 The Breeze MediaWorks Radio
93.8 The Sound MediaWorks Radio
94.2 The Edge MediaWorks Radio


What radio station is the edge on in NZ?

The Edge, 94.2 FM, Auckland, New Zealand | Free Internet Radio | TuneIn.

What is the edge number?

The Edge Contact Details: PHONE STUDIO: 0800 THE EDGE (0800 843 3343). TXT STUDIO: Send your txt to 3343 (Txts cost 20c each).

What happened to 102.1 The Edge?

Longtime Dallas radio home for alternative music 102.1 The Edge (KDGE) is no more, RadioInsight reports. iHeartMedia has shut it down after 27 years. KDGE.iheart.com now redirects visitors to the Eagle’s website.

What number is ZM radio station?

ZM Auckland

Broadcast area Auckland, New Zealand
Frequency 91.0 MHz
Slogan ZM Is My Station!
Format Hit Music

What radio frequency is gold?

Listen to Gold FM on FM

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FM 100.0 MHz
FM 100.2 MHz
FM 100.4 MHz
FM 100.6 MHz

When did The Edge radio station start?

The station, a combination of urban and contemporary hit radio and aimed at men and women under 30, was started by locals Grant Hislop, Joe Dennehy and Martin Dempster on 1 December 1992 on the 97.8FM frequency still used by The Edge in the Hamilton market today.

What station is the hits radio?

The Hits (radio station)

Frequency 89.1 FM – 106.1 FM
Slogan The Best Music and More Variety
Language(s) English language
Format Hot adult contemporary


What frequency is Hauraki?

Radio Hauraki began FM transmission in 1990 on 99.0FM, and the 1476 kHz frequency was subsequently acquired by a local community group to broadcast the BBC World Service.

How do you text 102.1 the Edge?

How do I text in a request or chat with on-air personalities or shows? Instantly message 102.1 the Edge from your mobile device. Simply text “your message” to the text number: 102-102.

What edge means?

The word edge most commonly refers to the sharp or angled side of an object or the place where something stops and something else starts—a border or margin. Edge is also used as a verb meaning to move sideways. Edge has many additional senses as both a noun and verb.

What is the edge in it?

Edge computing is a distributed, open IT architecture that features decentralized processing power, enabling mobile computing and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. In edge computing, data is processed by the device itself or by a local computer or server, rather than being transmitted to a data center.

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Who got fired from 102.1 The Edge?

The night 102.1 The Edge fired DJ Martin Streek, he showed up for a birthday party at Andy Poolhall on College Street. Amid a swarm of guests, he bumped into David Marsden, the Toronto radio veteran who’d hired him almost exactly 25 years earlier when he ran the station known as CFNY.

What happened to Ruby and Alex?

Ruby and Alex Carr, the sibling duo who took over mornings at 102.1 the Edge (CFNY-FM) Toronto just one year ago, hosted their last show on the station Wednesday. Corus Entertainment revealed the news in a post from the station Twitter account. Today is Ruby and Alex’s last day at the Edge.

Where did Ruby and Alex go?

Although the announcement was made in September 2018, the brother-sister duo of Ruby and Alex Carr didn’t make their 102.1 the Edge morning show debut until January 2019.

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