Where can I listen to KEXP?

We’re sharing live streaming performance through our new series, Live on KEXP at Home — both through our YouTube channel and broadcasting on the air on KEXP. Hosted by trusted KEXP DJs, musical guests perform sets live, either solo or with their quarantined partners.

What frequency is Kexp?

KCMU becomes KEXP 90.3 FM, maintaining all staff, the same format and frequency, while almost doubling its wattage from 400 to 720 and moving to a new technologically-advanced studio at 113 Dexter Avenue in downtown Seattle.

How do I get my music on KEXP?

Request a Song

  1. email [email protected] kexp.org.
  2. text (206) 903-5397.

How many people listen to KEXP?

KEXP is a nonprofit arts organization serving music lovers through in-person, broadcast and online programming. KEXP operates one of the most influential listener-supported radio stations in the world, 90.3 KEXP -FM Seattle, with online and on-air service reaching over 200,000 global listeners each week.

How can I watch KEXP live?

Full video of all Live on KEXP performances available at youtube.com/ kexp. Made possible with support from BECU.

What happened to Cheryl Waters?

Facing the disease a second time, the public radio host will step away from the mic during recovery. For Cheryl Waters, it’s routine. But before she went on air last Monday at 10 a.m., the KEXP radio host felt exceptionally nervous.

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Is KEXP Public Radio?

KEXP -FM (90.3 MHz) is a public radio station in Seattle, Washington, specializing in alternative and indie rock programmed by its disc jockeys.

How do I make a request on KEXP?

How do I make a song request? KEXP DJs like to take requests and try to fit in as many in as possible. To make a request, the best way is to email the DJ, or call 1.866. 903.

How can I promote my music on the radio?

Here are a few ways to follow up that work:

  1. Send a follow up email thanking them for connecting with you.
  2. Tag the station and/or program on your social media posts and encourage your fans to like those stations.
  3. Send a postcard or personal note to the station manager/program host you’ve been communicating with on email.

How do I upload music to airplay?

Electronic submissions: please email [email protected] a download link to a ZIP file containing high quality digital files of the release for airplay consideration. Please make sure that the files are at least 256kb (preferably 320kbps) MP3 and contain complete metadata (artist, album, song, artwork, track numbers).

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