What radio frequency is Christmas FM?

Please note that these FM frequencies are only used by Christmas FM during the dates stated above. FM Frequencies.

Letterkenny 105.7 FM
Midlands North 101.6 FM
Sligo Town 95.0 FM
South East 103.8 FM


What’s the best Christmas station?

Best radio stations to listen to during Christmas

  • SkyRadio Christmas. SkyRadio is a popular Dutch radio station.
  • Radio Christmas.
  • Classic Christmas music.
  • My holidays Etc.
  • Christmas oldies.

How do I get Christmas FM?

On your TV. Virgin Media Digital TV subscribers in Ireland can listen to Christmas FM on Channel 900 (available from November 28th to December 27th only each year).

What is the Christmas radio station called?

Heart Xmas – a radio station playing non-stop Christmas tunes – has officially launched. So if you’re in the mood for some festive bangers, and fancy listening to some incredible seasonal tunes already, this is the radio station for you.

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Has Christmas FM started 2020?

Christmas FM will be celebrating its 13th year on air this year when it launches in November and, since it began broadcasting, has raised almost €2.5 million for a range of charities.

Can you get heart Xmas on FM radio?

Christmas really has come early at Heart FM radio – two months early in fact. With just over 60 days to go until the big day, Heart’s Xmas tunes will be available to listen to whatever hour of the day and night you choose, on DAB Digital Radio and Global Player.

What are the Pandora Christmas stations?

Pandora’s Guide to Holiday Music

  • Christmas: 57 M listeners.
  • Today’s Christmas: 11 M listeners.
  • Christmas Traditional: 8.1 M listeners.
  • Classical Christmas: 7.9 M listeners.
  • Country Christmas: 7.1 M listeners.
  • R&B and Pop Holidays: 5.3 M listeners.
  • Rockin Holidays: 4 M listeners.
  • Christian Contemporary Holidays: 2.5 M listeners.

Does Pandora have a Christmas station?

Here’s how: You can start by entering the name of a holiday song you like (for example, ‘Winter Wonderland’). You’ll be asked to pick from a list of artists who have performed the song. Pick one, and Pandora will create a station for you that features that song and similar holiday music.

What station plays Christmas music year round?

That’s right, friend. Evergreen is non-stop, commercial-free Christmas music —24/7/365. So, whether you’re a year – round listener or a December-only stickler, you’re in the right place.

What radio channel has Christmas songs?

KOST 103.5 is the first to go holiday, switching on Friday, November 9, 2018; country music station KKGO 105.1 gets festive on Monday, November 19. KOST bills itself as “Southern California’s official Christmas station ” and is the popular favorite.

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What is Xmas FM number?

Helpline: (076) 680 5278.

What number is heart Xmas?

If you can tune in and hear talkSPORT, Capital Xtra and LBC, you’ll definitely be able to hear Heart Extra Xmas as they all broadcast on the same DAB frequency – and are all carried on the same channel: channel 11D in England & Wales; channel 12A in Scotland; channel 11D in Northern Ireland.

What is Heart FM radio frequency?

Launch. Heart began broadcasting in the West Midlands on 6 September 1994 as 100.7 Heart FM, becoming the UK’s third Independent Regional Radio station, five days after Century Radio in North East England, and Jazz FM North West.

Is Heart Xmas on DAB?

Heart Xmas is available across the UK on DAB digital radio and on Global Player on smart speaker iOS or Android device and at heart.co.uk/radio/heartxmas.

What day does Christmas music start on the radio?

In the USA it’s generally accepted that the real Christmas countdown begins the day after Thanksgiving and radio stations will begin to playlist Xmas tunes to get listeners into the festive spirit. Some start as early as the day after Halloween!

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