Is K-Love still on the air?

The Quad-City outlet of the K – LOVE Christian radio network will be back on the air sometime Tuesday, its owner said today. Radio station WLKU-FM (98.9) went off the air last week after its antenna near Orion, Ill., experienced structural problems. -based group that operates 440 K – LOVE stations.

Is K-Love shutting down?

On November 2, 2020, K – Love Classics was discontinued. K – Love Classics.

Owner Educational Media Foundation
Launch date 2018
Closed November 2020

Why is klove off the Air 2019?

Christian Radio K-LOVE Refuses to Air ‘Unplanned’ Ads for Being Too ‘Political’ Christian radio behemoth K-LOVE found itself in hot water when executives at the company blocked commercials for the pro-life movie “Unplanned.” So, a Christian radio network won’t advertise for a prolife movie.

How can I listen to K-love online?

You can listen to K – LOVE online through iHeartRadio or in your car with the iHeartRadio App.

What happened to Skip and Amy on Klove?

K-LOVE morning show ‘ Skip & Amy ‘ relocating to Franklin in May. A popular morning program syndicated on Christian radio brand K-LOVE, announced it plans to begin broadcasting from suburban Nashville later this year. “The Skip & Amy Show” relocates from Indianapolis to Franklin in May, a news release said Tuesday.

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Is Air1 owned by Klove?

Educational Media Foundation (EMF) began as a single, non-profit radio station in Northern California in 1982 and is now the parent company to K-LOVE and Air1 —the nation’s largest contemporary Christian radio networks.

Why is it called K-love?

In 1982, after several attempts to purchase a station in San Francisco, the Educational Media Foundation purchased KCLB for $65,760. On August 1, 1988, KCLB changed its call letters to KLVR and adopted its present K – Love moniker.

What channel on the radio is K-love?

List of K-Love stations

Call Sign Frequency State
KKLQ 100.3 CA
KLVN 88.3 CA
KLXF 90.5 CA
K253AX 98.5 CA


Is klove on demand free?

K – LOVE On Demand Get FREE access to exclusive content streaming: Backstage access taking you behind-the-scenes. Concerts and events. Acoustic and live performances.

How much do klove employees make?

Educational Media Foundation – K-LOVE & Air1 Media Networks Salaries

Job Title Salary
Pastoral Care salaries – 1 salaries reported $16/hr
Board Operator salaries – 1 salaries reported $16/hr
Analyst salaries – 1 salaries reported $46,234/yr
Continuity Associate salaries – 1 salaries reported $18/hr


Is klove on Sirius XM?

Sirius XM Love is a music channel that plays love songs from soft-AC artists and airs on Sirius XM Radio, and Dish Network. It airs on channel 70 on Sirius XM Radio. Sirius XM Love.

Website SiriusXM Love


How do I cancel my klove donation?

Cancel K-Love Radio in an Email

  1. Open the Contact Us web page.
  2. Scroll down to the end of the page.
  3. Select the Donor, Pledges, and Account Questions category from the drop-down menu.
  4. Fill out the rest of the form with your contact details.
  5. Write a message requesting a cancellation of your monthly donations.
  6. Hit Send Message.
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Is klove on TuneIn?

Though K-Love is on various radio stations across the country, you can listen to K-Love wherever and whenever you like through TuneIn.

Is there a K Love app?

K – LOVE APK for Android.

Is klove on Pandora?

K Love on Pandora | Radio, Songs & Lyrics.

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