What radio stations play rock music UK?

The biggest rock radio stations in the UK today

  1. Absolute (Classic Rock ) Absolute Radio is by far one of the best-known UK rock radio stations in the country today.
  2. BBC Radio 1.
  3. Kerrang!
  4. Planet Rock.
  5. Radio X.
  6. TotalRock.
  7. Radio Caroline.

What is a good classic rock station?

Top 10 Classic Rock Radio Stations

  • WAXQ-FM – Q104.3 – New York, NY.
  • KLOS-FM – 95.5 KLOS – Los Angeles, CA.
  • WMGK-FM – 102.9 MGK – Philadelphia, PA.
  • WLUP-FM – The Loop 97.9 – Chicago, IL.
  • KZPS-FM – Lonestar 92.5 – Dallas – Forth Worth, TX.
  • WZLX-FM – 100.7 WZLX – Boston, MA.
  • WDVE-FM – 102.5 WDVE Rocks – Pittsburgh, PA.

What frequency is the rock?

North Island frequencies

Market Location Frequency
Auckland Auckland FM 90.2
Coromandel Mercury Bay FM 105.5
Bay of Plenty Tauranga FM 94.2
Waikato Hamilton FM 93


Is Planet Rock on FM?

Some great ‘new news’ from all of us to all of you…from NOW, Planet Rock will be available on 105.2 FM frequency in the West Midlands, plus you can of course still continue to enjoy Planet Rock on DAB, online, digital TV and via mobile apps, just as you always have.

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How can I listen to Absolute Radio?

How to listen to Absolute Radio. Listen to Absolute Radio on DAB nationwide, on our free app, by hitting that play button on the bottom of your screen, via your smart speaker (“ Play Absolute Radio ”) and on Freeview, Sky, and Virgin Media TV.

Is Absolute Radio on FM?

Absolute launched on 105.2 FM on 7 September 2015. However the station ended transmission on that frequency on 16 December 2018 following Bauer’s decision to broadcast Greatest Hits Radio on FM across the West Midlands.

What is the best rock radio station in America?

This list includes the top rock radio stations in the U.S., based on Arbitron Average.

  • WKSM- FM – 99 Rock – Fort Walton Beach, FL.
  • WDVE- FM – 102.5 WDVE Rocks – Pittsburgh, PA.
  • WRKW- FM – Rocky 99 – Johnstown, PA.
  • WRKR- FM – 107.7 Rock ‘N Roll – Kalamazoo, MI.
  • WACL- FM – 98 Rock – Harrisonburg, VA.

What is classic rock?

‘ Classic rock is a genre of music that combines a particular guitar-driven rock sound with a particular era of time. The classic rock era began in early 1960’s with rock n’ roll based bands like The Beatles and Rolling Stones, diversifying into bands like Led Zeppelin and The Doors.

What is the oldies station in Chicago?

Chicago, Illinois Radio Stations

Frequency Callsign Format
94.7 FM WLS Oldies
95.1 FM WIIL Rock
95.1 FM WFAV Oldies
95.1 FM WVUR Variety


What frequency is more FM?

The station broadcasts on 92.1 across Canterbury and on 94.9 in Sumner/Redcliffs, 99.1 in Akaroa and 104.5 in Lyttelton. The station was started as an adult contemporary (AC) format station and continues with that format to this day.

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Does Jim still work at the Rock?

Content Writer/Radio Announcer Hailing from Invercargill, Jim Cawthorn is an award winning content creator for the Rock FM. Previously the host of The Rock Workdays from 12 – 3, Jim has now become the stations content creator having scooped multiple awards at The NZ Radio Awards in 2017 & 2018.

How do I find Planet Rock on my radio?

Or you could connect your smartphone to your existing stereo using an aux in cable, USB connection or with Bluetooth, and listen to us using the Planet Rock app. You might find the 3.5mm aux in input on the front of the stereo or just below it.

Why can I not get Planet Rock on DAB?

You’ll need to retune your DAB digital radio to determine if you can receive the above stations. As the coverage area of the new bundle of stations will be smaller than the existing D1 commercial radio bundle, you may find you can no longer receive Planet Rock, Absolute Radio 80s and Premier Christian Radio.

How can I listen to Planet Rock?

You can listen on the Planet Rock web player, Planet Rock App, Chromecast to your Google device, Airplay to Apple Home and listen on Amazon Alexa.

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